Find best Samsung galaxy s9 review

Read below to find out about many of the Samsung galaxy s9’s features, specs, and release date. Samsung has determined that the layout behind the galaxy s9 should be a nature motif. A direct quote coming from Samsung says that the s9 inspired by nature and intended for people it sees, listens, responds, and permits you to share the best moments. The s9 will arrive in plastic casings of pebble blue and marble white. The menu buttons look similar to the galaxy s, although the house button has increased in size. The super amole HD display screen on the galaxy s9 might be the best display screen out on the market for smart phones. The display is 4.8 inches in size, making it the biggest on the market place too. Making the phone in accord with its nature motif, the s9 has sounds like dripping water when you unlock the device or when touching menu choices.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The interface has been retooled for ease of accessibility. The dock in the bottom of the screen now holds 5 things. The 4.8 inch display screen is certainly capable of handling the additional icons. A brand new revolutionary technology for the galaxy s9 is known as smart stay. It uses the camera to monitor the movement of the eyes. This allows for the display to know when you are considering it so that features like the back light do not dim when you are taking a look at the screen. Keeping with the smart naming scheme, the s9 also has a feature named smart voice. This is like about the apple iPhone 4s. It lets you use your voice to issue voice commands to the phone.

A feature called direct call also allows for you to make a call to a person directly from a message. You just lift the phone to your ear and the galaxy s9 will automatically call the person you are chatting to. S beam is a characteristic to help make transferring files between phones easier. It is used to join two phones and transfer video, picture, music, in addition to other content over wifi. It allows for you to easily set your galaxy s9 alongside your friends and tap on a file which you would like to be transferred. You can only take advantage of this with the otherĀ Samsung Galaxy S9 phone however. Pop up play attribute is a feature that was added to produce multi tasking while watching videos simpler. You have the ability to pop out and transfer your video display around the phone’s display screen, enabling you to get your other programs.